Della, Della Street

(Cue the music – “Park Avenue Beat” by Fred Steiner) In the name of marriage and companionship, I sat through every episode of the Perry Mason TV series while the lawyer spouse grooved on Perry Mason’s cool. But for me, it was always about Della Street. The TV show was blah, I didn’t care for murder mysteries, the retro chic amused only for a few minutes, police procedurals were lame and the courtroom drama clichéd. But Della Street! What was behind her Mona Lisa smile, her gaze that followed Perry as he paced the courtroom floor? Plenty, I decided, and began to create a life for her. Erle Stanley Gardner, himself a trial attorney, created Perry Mason, Della Street and all the other supporti

If You Want To Read Moby Dick

If you want to read Moby Dick, there are some great boats and shipmates for you, especially for you greenhorns who don’t know yet what ye have shipped for. Start anywhere on this list. Everybody gets to have their own personal relationship with this classic of American literature. Let these boon companions lead you to the text in their own way and in your own time. Each artist and curator has made the story of Moby Dick their own and added to my understanding and appreciation. I thank them all for their noble work. Matt Kish – Moby Dick in Pictures I love this big, heavy book. Graphic artist Matt Kish interpreted each page of the book with an original piece of art. I really enjoy his contem

Why I Read Moby Dick

I’m on a pilgrimage in Cape Cod Massachusetts – Falmouth, New Bedford, Nantucket—and I’m reading Moby Dick again. It’s the 5th time. Every couple of years I read it and now I’m trying to articulate why. This time I traveled 3,000 miles across the U.S. to steep myself in the waters and sea air where Moby Dick begins, to immerse myself into the historical context of the whaling industry. Why do I read Moby Dick? I bought my Penguin classic paperback copy of Moby Dick in 1992, years before I actually read it. I had escaped this great American literature classic and intended to redress the omission. But why 625 pages of Moby Dick, why not something else? Maybe, like Ishmael, I thought I would sa

Anne Gets Pregnant in the Papally Approved Way

I did not seek Pope John Paul II’s approval, nor do I think he would have chosen me to represent the ideals of Vatican II. But I was born a Catholic, baptized, confirmed, confessed my sins and received the body and blood of our savior. A good Catholic soldier in my youth, I wore the green uniform of St. Vincent Martyr school. Gave up candy for Lent. Got my best grades in Religion. But I was not genuinely devout, I just followed the rules and had a good memory. I even joined a girl’s sodality and attempted to meditate. I sat there with all the other girls on Wednesday afternoons trying to make something happen. Sister Emanuel led us in prayer and meditation. I sat upright in the hard

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