You Really Can Vote Early and Vote Often

What if you had more than one vote to cast? I think you do. I’m a professional fundraiser and I’ve worked in the nonprofit sector my entire career. I’ve raised money for many wonderful organizations – anti-poverty, equal rights, health care, affordable housing, education. None was flush with cash, each had to struggle to raise enough money to pay its overhead and staff so they could do the work society asked them to do. These are the nonprofit equivalents of middle class Americans that watch their monthly budgets and struggle to put a little bit aside in case of an emergency. So every four years I get cheesed off at the dent political fundraising puts into the money available for charitable

Make Pies, Not War: License to Carry

(Police squad car pulls over a car with a broken tail light. The two officers address the driver of the car.) “Did I do something wrong, officer?” “Broken tail light.” “Just happened, officer, in the parking lot at the Lucky store.” “License and registration, please.” “Got to get them out, officer. In my wallet.” “Got anything else in here that I should know about?” “I got a pie, officer.” “He’s got a pie!” “ Just a small one, officer.” “Do you have a permit for that pie? “Why, yes I do, officer.” “Let me see it.” “Here it is.” “Keep your hands on the steering wheel. Where’s the pie?” “In the glove compartment, officer.” “How the hell do you…? Go find the pie.” “Here it is.” “What flavor?” “

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