Share the Pink 2016 – Cervical Cancer

Is it my imagination or has the Pink Ribbon circus set up fewer tents this year? Maybe breast cancer survivor identity recedes more and more each year and I don’t notice the emblems, the hype, the pink merchandise. This year I mark 20 years of breast cancer survivorship—20 years from my first diagnosis, 12 years from the second. In the Pie Chart of Life, I have spent 31% of mine being a cancer survivor. It was real important at first, marking off each year with another toast,

My Big Fat Greek Last PAP Test Party

Notable Greek-American Dr. George Papanicolaou did not win a Nobel Prize in Medicine, though he was nominated several times. He got a 13 cent stamp and name recognition. Women the world over laud him or curse him and know him as the one behind that annual/bi-annual/whenever-I-get-around-to-it staple of women’s health care – the PAP test. Sitting in an OB-GYN exam room, garbed in paper drapes, my toes like icicles, a cheery doctor enters the room and announces – “Good news!”