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Anne Dimock is an author and playwright.  She works in theatre, music-theatre, fiction and creative non-fiction.  She has received a Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowship and a residency at Ragdale Foundation.  Her first book, Humble Pie, was published in October 2005 by Andrews McMeel Publishing. She has published other non-fiction work in magazines and newspapers and has received honorable mention notice in several literary journals.  Dance-theatre and music-theatre productions include: The Voyage Taking Shape, Tornado Dreams, and Fruit of the Family Tree. Short play productions include: Woman Bakes American Flag Cake, Lullaby for Grown-Ups, and one-act solo show The Swimmer.



Professional fundraiser and nonprofit-teer by day, author and playwright by avocation, Anne Dimock writes plays, opera, books, short stories, and short form nonfiction.  Working in fiction, nonfiction, memoir, music-theatre, comedy and drama, Anne brings that extra layer of audience engagement to all her projects.



Anne tweets as herself, and as Roxanne, heroine of her full-length comedy Roxanne(dot)com. 

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What is your favorite pie?

Apple, closely followed by rhubarb.



What is your favorite book?

Moby Dick by Herman Melville. I read it every couple of years. I continue to explore it and use it frequently as inspiration.



Which State do you most closely identify with?

Tough one! It’s a tie among 10% of the United States of America - New Jersey, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Hawaii and California.



If you weren’t a writer, what other type of artist would you be?

A mosaic artist in Byzantium.



What are you working on now?

My new book AGAINST THE GRAIN will be published in November 2022.



How have you combined writing with working for a living and having a family?

Not easily. I’ve tried it every which way, from writing in 15-minutes chunks to making pacts with the Devil. It only works until it doesn’t.



What about that day job?

Check out my LinkedIn profile. Although retired now, I worked in the non-profit sector my entire career, mostly raising money. Besides paying the bills, I had the privilege of supporting the work of many talented organizations and individuals who bring so much good work and value into our world. I sleep well at night.



What distinguishes you among other writers and playwrights?

I happily share the page and stage with some excellent company! But here’s one thing that sets me apart – I really enjoy the marketing of my work. To promote my book Humble Pie, I taught pie-making classes at cooking schools. To pitch my new play Roxanne(dot)com, I created a virtual space to extend the fun, and blog and tweet as my main character. I always think of some creative ways to extend the experience of my work or to bring a new audience to it. 



What secret can you share?

I like to write obituaries, eulogies and toasts.



What is your most prized possession?

In my younger years it was my bicycle. Now it is my iphone. Both take me many places.



What are you embarrassed to admit is in your refrigerator?

Hot dog relish.