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Humble Pie

Musings on What Lies Beneath the Crust

Published 2005 by Andrews McMeel Publishing

“Anne Dimock is the Proust of pie and her remembrance of pies past is meant to inspire the pies to come. This is a lovely and elegant memoir.”


– Garrison Keillor, best-selling author and creator/host of radio’s A Prairie Home Companion

Finalist for a Minnesota Book Award 2005


A memoir full of quotes, anecdotes, rambles, rants, reveries—even a few recipes—Humble Pie is an evocative journey of a life lived in pies. Witty, folksy and full of humor and cheer, everyone will find the sturdy encouragement of someone raised in a family that made over 100 pies every year. In Dimock’s world, pie becomes a feminist tool, and making pie crust is a Zen meditation. With a nod to America’s favorite pastime, famous piemakers get their own trading cards with pie specific statistics. And the politics of pie mirror today’s divisive issues and conservative-moderate-liberal platforms. Want to satisfy the longing of the great American road trip with a good piece of pie? All you need is this book and a fork.

Praise for HUMBLE PIE: Musings on What Lies Beneath the Crust:


New York Times Magazine: “Circular Thinking;” June 25, 2006


NPR: “Beneath the Crust of Humble Pie;” November 22, 2005

Excerpts from HUMBLE PIE: Musings on What Lies Beneath the Crust by Anne Dimock ©2005


“The edge of the Great Swamp of New Jersey was an unlikely spot for the renaissance of pie making, but they you have it. No southern accents, no farm-wife wisdom. Just the gentle musings of suburban middle-class life. Prophets can come from anywhere, even a bedroom community of New York City. When the archaeologists look back upon us hundreds of years from now, they will see that the full flowering of Pie Maker culture really began in 1953 in Madison, New Jersey. And it began in my backyard.”


“Roll back the apprehension, the doubt, and enter the childlike state of grace where all things are possible and anything lost can be found again. The pie you seek resides not only in memory and imagination—your next piece of pie begins right here.”

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