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A Romantic Comedy, in 2 Acts


Running length – approx. 1.5 hours with one intermission


Age and wit prevail over youth and beauty in a 21st century re-telling of Cyrano de Bergerac. Set as a modern-day office romance with all the trappings of texting, Tweeting, Skyping and blogging, Roxanne(dot)com explores what happens to Cyrano’s story when the genders are reversed.   



2 Women                  

2 Men

1 Voice

Debbie Does Death – 


A Romantic Comedy, in 2 Acts


Running length – approx. 1-1/2 hours with one intermission


Life trumps Death when cheerleader Debbie meets the Dark Prince himself on the football field of life, love and sex.



1 Woman

2 Men

Current Projects

She Rises

a re-imagining of Moby Dick for an all-female ensemble


Snopes –

adaptation of William Faulkner’s trilogy of The Hamlet, The Town, and The Mansion


I Love Santa Lucy –

a Christmas parody of the Santa Lucia pageant


The Swimmer

The Swimmer


A play in one act for solo performer


Running length -  55-60 minutes with no intermission



1 Woman between ages of 35-50


Between baptisms and near drownings, The Swimmer navigates dangerous waters. A sensuous tale of death, survival and breaststroke.

The Swimmer

Tornado Dreams

Tornado Dreams –


A spoken opera in one act


Running length – 30 minutes



3 Women

2 Men


Colliding weather fronts spawn a dangerous tornado, and a Weatherman watches helpless.



Lullaby for Grown-Ups

Sleepless, grieving parents start anew.


A Short, Cold Christmas

The Pequod departs Nantucket on December 25, 1838.


Woman Bakes American Flag Cake (The Matriot Act)

Picks up with Christine after the 9/11 Onion article leaves off.


The Voyage Taking Shape

A dance drama mediation on death.


Santa Lucy

Lucy travels to Italy to reclaim her virgin martyrdom.

Childrens Plays - Shorts

From 2001-2005, Anne had the privilege of working with some great theatre artists and some awesome kids at Pillsbury House Theatre’s Chicago Avenue Project. Each play was written for a specific child in the program to showcase their unique personality. Check out the fun at:


The Revenge of Princess Di-abolique

The People’s Princess returns to teach a paparazzi a lesson.



A sled dog shows her human musher who’s really in charge.


The Roll-Out

Disruptive technology from a 10-year old CEO.


The Hope Diamond Tiara

Gumshoe detective trolls for clues in the mean streets of the city to solve tiara heist.

Tornado Dreams, an opera in one act with composer Stephen Houtz


Fruit of the Family Tree, with composer Becky Dale


The Voyage Taking Shape, a dance drama 



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